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Mar 032011

Welcome to my web site. This is my first post, so I will start by setting out what this website is for, or at least what my ideas were at the time I started. I am not expecting to be blogging away here on a daily or even weekly basis publishing lots of insight. So what is this for?

Giles FarrowPurpose

To make it easy for you to get in touch with me; whether you are an old friend, colleague, distant relative or if we don’t know each other yet. There are a several ways to reach me on the contact page.

Maybe you came across my name and wanted to do some research – there is a brief biography page. But maybe you are looking for another “Giles Farrow” – between the photo and the biography I trust you know if it’s me you’re looking for. If you’re another Giles Farrow (a homonym) then let me know and we can figure out a way to disambiguate ourselves.

And finally I will use this website to test out different web technologies like WordPress, before using them commercially.


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